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Travel Assistance
We have a team who can help. Insureds can contact us:
LifeLine Plus: +44 01273 552 922
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Zika Advisory

Read the latest developments and preventive measures regarding the Zika outbreak.
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Registration Guide

In the event you experience any registration issues with the website please consult this user guide and user video.
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Travel Resources
In addition to the insurance protection provided by your policy, insureds have access to a range of additional travel resources.

AIG Travel Risk Map 2017

Watch an exclusive presentation to learn
about the global security environment
and potential risks for 2017. Watch now>
View the latest risk map>

Case Studies

We have a history of success and share several memorable cases with you. Read case studies >

Destination Health Information

Health-related concerns, precautions and requirements for destinations. Learn more >
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Travel Smart
To access these services and to access our full assistance website, please register with your policy number.

Before You Leave

Take our Security Awareness Training and review security country reports. Upload health information and documents.

When Travelling

Learn about our medical and travel assistance services and online resources, such as security travel alerts.

Anytime Services

Obtain access to claims, online health clinics and medical Second Opinion services.

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